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Calistoga’s naturally temperate climate serves as the inspiration for Auro, Executive Chef Rogelio Garcia’s debut fine dining concept at the Four Seasons Resort Napa Valley. The restaurant’s ever-changing tasting menu shines the spotlight on abundant, fresh ingredients with each change of season. California’s hot, dry summer bears perfectly ripe avocados, heirloom tomatoes, and berries and the wetter winter creates the perfect environment for beets, oranges, and dark leafy greens to flourish. At Auro, guests are wowed by Chef Garcia’s expertly crafted 5-course tasting menu, with wine pairings thoughtfully curated by on-site sommelier, Derek Stevenson. With the benefit and sustenance of five of the world’s leading purveyors—ranging from local farmers to renowned ranchers—Auro ensures that the highest quality, seasonally-driven ingredients are the spotlight of each dish for an elevated farm-to-table experience.

Elysian Fields Farm

At Elysian Fields Farm, also known as Purebred Lamb, farmer Keith Martin leads with a holistic, respectful approach to deliver superior lamb to some of the world’s most prestigious chefs. The lambs at Elysian Fields Farm live freely in nature and are treated with the highest level of care and compassion, following the patented protocol system developed by the farm in an effort to create a new industry standard for best-in-class livestock management. Elysian Fields Farm was built on the belief that consumers have the right to know where their products come from, starting with holistically-raised lamb, to now partnering with like-minded people and organizations who create equally special products with care at the forefront.

Ōra King Salmon

Carefully raised in tune with nature, the Ōra King Salmon is the result of New Zealand’s King Salmon classical breeding program, which has produced nine generations of King salmon and over 100 distinct salmon families. The process created the opportunity to source only the finest characteristics including superior taste, texture, color, and size— but also showcase its unique breed, genetically distinct from any other salmon in the world. As fish welfare remains a top priority for the organization, they have created a healthy, low-stress environment for the salmon focused on sustainable farming, superior fish quality, and a smaller environmental footprint on the planet.

Wolfe Ranch Quail

Owned and operated by Brent Wolfe, Wolfe Ranch Quail is located in Vacaville, California. An embodiment of California’s farm-to-table ethos, Wolfe Ranch quail is the product of one man’s dedication to perfecting his flock with the highest quality feed, genetic selection, and ensuring a natural, comfortable life for his birds. Brent runs and manages all aspects of the highly respected and well-known ranch, mastering a direct-to-consumer model to ship these choice birds to the world’s most renowned chefs and fine dining restaurants.

The Chef’s Garden

Dedicated to regenerative agriculture, The Chef’s Garden combines traditional farming methods with innovative technology to remain the leader in fresh, seasonal, produce. Working hand-in-hand with chefs and being integrally linked to the restaurant industry, the organization implements direct feedback to proactively anticipate chefs’ needs while simultaneously operating efficiently to ensure agriculture communities are not only surviving but thriving. The Chef’s Garden works hard to deliver the highest quality, most nutritionally dense and flavorful fresh vegetables, microgreens, herbs, edible flowers and more that inspire the world’s most renowned chefs to forge a deeper connection from the land to their beautifully plated dishes.